Thank you for visiting ArthurACC.com and welcome to the 2021 - 2022 curling season. The Arthur Area Curling Club, now in its forty-fourth year of operation, continues to provide good curling for all using this facility.
Great place to come out and meet new people and have a good time both on and off the curling rink. Season always runs from Late October to end of March.
Bring a friend! We are always excited to welcome new members to our club and we offer extremely reasonable rates for first-time curlers to give it a go. Encourage a friend to come out for free curling or even to try one draw!


Board Members

Past President              Jacob Nogueira

President                           Julie Burns

Vice President                      Ehrin Frid

Secretary                 Ashley Goldsmith

Treasurer                       Art Roelofsen


Chris Roelofsen

Jeffrey Hamilton

Jenny Bodz 

Doug Caudle