President's Message

Oct 1, 2021 

Welcome Back Curlers! 
I am your new 2021-22 President. I look forward to seeing you toss a few stones in a few weeks! 

Thank you to Past President, Jacob Nogueira, for your commitment to the members in the past few years.


Farewell to Board Members Nick Raftis, Brady Hamilton, and Amanda Rooney. We are thankful for all the help you have been to keep this club running during this unique time in history.  

Your New Curling Board includes, Treasurer Art Roelofsen, Secretary Ashley Goldsmith, VP Ehrin Freid, Directors: Jeff Hamilton, Doug Caudle, Jenny Bodz, and Chris Roelofsen. We are looking for 2 members to join us as we move forward; it’s simple and benefits us all. 

Of note, your Board has been keeping up with the Ontario Government and WDGPHU, we have been working hard to make necessary adjustments so that we can open for the season. We are thankful to CurlON; they have provided ongoing support, tools, and technology for us. We thank you for your feedback and patience as we work toward diligent reopening. As we remain open for suggestions to solve problems, we ask for your grace as we learn how to move through any upcoming changes as they unfold for this sport and rental facility.  

Speaking of changes, your Board approved a switch up. There will now be Monday Night Men’s and Tuesday Night Ladies. They’ve approved a new look to Friday Nights, both Mixed Doubles and Mixed.  Juniors will be running a full season from November to March. Bonspiels have been placed on hold until the new year. Washrooms and Changerooms will be open according to regulations. 

I can’t wait to see your reactions to the big renovations that occurred. Although it was hard work, your Board decided it best to upgrade and make things more efficient for you, sooner rather than later. There were a lot of volunteers involved in the process, and for that I extend my gratitude to a great number of people. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Our facility cannot function without your hours of assistance each year. 

We are open to pairing new curlers with experienced ones. Come try the game on our free nights: Wednesday, October 13 and Friday, October 15 from 7-9pm. There’s 6 weeks free for new curlers. Grab a friend and come out to have some fun social time. 

Do not hesitate to chat with us about ideas for improvements, however the complaint department is closed until Ehrin takes over next year!  



Julie Burns 

President, Arthur & Area Curling Club 

(519) 321-1497